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UK tax return service

Three Sixty Financial Inc are registered agents with the HMRC and as such we are able to file your tax returns on your behalf. Completion of self-assessment forms can be a daunting task especially when you are overseas. To find out more or to request we complete your UK tax returns please email us on: tax@threesixtyfinancial.net

Inheritance, Estate or Succession Taxes

You wouldn’t build a house without foundations and you probably wouldn’t drive a car without insurance, but a surprising number of people have not properly considered the implications of taxation in their financial planning.

Investment vehicles offered by Financial Institutions are designed to be very flexible and will often incorporate all of a client’s financial planning needs, including long-term tax planning. However the personal circumstances and long term plans of individuals sometimes require additional financial planning tools to ensure maximum asset protection.

Tax planning: Tax planning should be a core consideration in any form of financial restructuring. A person living outside of their home country may be currently free of the burdens of taxation, but future changes in personal circumstances may mean that tax could once again become an issue. This applies not just to those who are planning to return home but also, in some cases, to those who do not plan to return to their home countries.

Inheritance Tax: I meet few people who actually enjoy paying tax, but of all forms of taxation Inheritance Tax is probably the most uniformly despised. It is a tax on the assets of a deceased person, assets accumulated from income and gains that have usually already been taxed and so in a very real sense this represents double taxation. Most nationalities in the developed world are subject to complex succession laws and taxes up to 60%. There are allowances or deductions but these do not now amount to the average value of a family home. There are some very simple steps which will allow you the peace of mind that your estate has been protected from what is in most cases and optional tax.

Estate Planning Services.

Uncomplicate Your Afterlife:

Death is something most of us would rather not think about. Maybe this is why over 60% of us die without ever having made a will. The Three Sixty Financial Inc Will Writing Service allows you to have peace of mind so that those you care for most will be cared for when you pass away. It’s really worth doing to avoid unnecessary tax and secure your family’s future.

Whether you are going to rely on a solicitor or Will writer service to arrange your Will, legacy, bequests and tax planning Three Sixty Financial can help you and your family avoid the many pitfalls of intestacy, probate and inheritance heartache. If you have made a Will already, it will require a periodic review due to changes in you circumstances e.g. births, marriage, deaths, new bequests. It can be altered easily by means of a codicil.

Why make a Will with Three Sixty Financial?

Three Sixty Financial Inc has specialized in providing clients with a full financial solution. It is imperative that you consult a professional to seek advice, draft your will and safeguard your assets. It is with this in mind that Three Sixty Financial has created a trusted network of well known providers of will writing services to make this service available to our valued clients.

There are many different reasons why you should make a Will, most of which revolve around one key issue, making sure that you have already provided for your family’s need if and when you die. It means that you have some control over your how your money and possessions (your estate) will be distributed. You can make provisions for those people who are particularly special to you. The absence of a will make life more complicated for those who are left behind.

What happens if I die without a Will?

Most people mistakenly think that their Estate will be passed to their partner when they die, this isn’t necessarily the case, for example, an unmarried partner will be entitled to nothing. Wills can be quite complex, especially if you have complicated financial or family situations. Preparation of a legal will is important to ensure that your assets are distributed in the manner you would wish for, and so you can determine arrangements for your dependents.

Offshore Trusts

Trusts may be established for a variety of reasons including estate & tax planning, asset protection and continuation of business activities.

Asset Protection.

One of the most common uses of an offshore trust is for asset protection. The trust provides security and comfort against potential litigation, creditors and damage awards.

These days, corporate director’s use trusts to protect their own assets from personal liability claims that could arise as a result of the assumed liability that comes with the directorship.

Obviously the tax advantages and consequences of using an offshore trust will depend on the unique circumstances of each individual.

However, when it comes to tax planning, a trust can be set up to segregate wealth and avoid the often punitive domestic tax load imposed on the disposition of an estate through inheritance.

For individuals who are nearing retirement and are contemplating emigrating to a warmer climate, offshore trusts offer some very attractive tax planning opportunities. As a general rule, the earlier you establish the offshore trust, the greater the tax benefit.


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