"360" - complete; all-around

"Financial" - connected with money and finance

Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants. - Epictetus

Who Are We?

Put simply, a safe pair of hands

Three Sixty Financial (360) was created with a clear mission to deliver genuinely independent financial advice through expertise and transparency, governed by the highest ethical standards. Our three hundred and sixty degree approach ensures nothing gets missed as, we believe, you can’t provide comprehensive advice if you don’t cover all the angles.

Our Management Team are industry professionals from the UK, drawing on their 75+ years of experience with institutions such as HMRC, KPMG, Baker Tilly and ICON Capital.​

Our in-house team of experts are fully-qualified and if they cannot find a solution we will draw from our vast network of industry specialists to add their expertise in order to provide all the answers.

Back that up with a full-time customer service team, 24/7 online account access and fully compliant advice, extensively regulated both internally and externally, then you really are in safe hands.​

360 has been fully licensed and regulated by the Labuan FSA in Malaysia since 2001.

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